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Welcome to Holistic Healing Information. We focus on drug-free options for managing diabetes, thyroid, and autoimmune conditions. We also spotlight other topics like oral health that you might find useful. The world of holistic medicine can be overwhelming, so we are here to help you wade through the misinformation and give advice you can actually use.

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Years Of Experience With Holistic Healing Information

What's considered healthy one day is often refuted the next. As my clinical experience grows, I rely less and less on studies and more on the results I actually see in practice. Some of the theories I learned about in school ended up being dead wrong when I tried to implement them in practice. Much of the leading research is bought and paid for and can't necessarily be trusted.

I have been in practice almost 15 years and have seen just about everything come through the door at one time or another. I have worked on all types of patients ranging from the slums of India to suburban middle-America.

Over the years I have slowly sorted through all the holistic healing information out there and have found quite a few things that work. I will share what I know here so you can benefit from the trials and errors I have seen patients go through.

american clinical board of nutrition

I attend some of the most cutting-edge clinical nutrition conferences in the world. These classes allow me to network with other doctors who are in the trenches and deal with some of the most difficult cases in the country by using functional medicine. 

I am currently pursuing my diplomate (post-doctorate) in clinical nutrition from the American Clinical Board of Nutrition

What Is Functional Medicine?

holistic healing informationA patient must be looked at as a whole and not just a bunch of disconnected parts

Although practitioners have different definitions of exactly what functional medicine is, to me it means helping the body function better.

  • A physician must look at a patient as a whole and not just a bunch of disconnected parts

Functional medicine doctors often focus on lifestyle, diet, and exposure to toxic environments as a way to help manage chronic conditions rather than just chasing symptoms.

As the years go by, medical research is showing that lifestyle and diet play much larger roles in overall health than previously believed.

Tired Of Chasing Symptoms?

holistic healing informationTake control of your own healthcare

Unfortunately we live in an age where doctors routinely prescribe pharmaceuticals for people to treat their symptoms. This often completely ignores the underlying causes of disease and creates a cascade of new damage.

Unraveling the true causes of disease can become extremely complicated, and usually requires a high-level understanding of functional medicine, physiology, and biochemistry. Here we attempt to bring that knowledge to the common reader to help highlight potential underlying issues.

Arming yourself with quality information may be a step on the path to better health and longevity. Take control of your own healthcare now by perusing the holistic healing information found throughout this site! 

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