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You don't have to live in New Hampshire for Dr. Lupo to help you. Virtually everything he needs to do can be done online or by phone. Everything else can be done in conjunction with your local doctor. Dr. Lupo wants to work with your existing doctors as part of a team and give you the best supportive care he can. 

Every patient's needs are completely different and Dr. Lupo has no idea how much your case will cost until he can determine exactly what is going on with you. An initial consultation is needed first to determine a proper care plan. This will involve Dr. Lupo reviewing your history and he will ask you to fill out some assessment forms before your consultation. 

The fee to set up an initial 25 minute online or phone consultation is US$50 paid via PayPal. To request a consultation with Dr. Lupo, please read the terms below and fill out the form.

Pastoral Medical Association

Pastoral Medical LicenseDoctorate in Pastoral Science & Medicine

Although Dr. Lupo, PSc.D. is trained and licensed as a chiropractor he does not use chiropractic when doing online or in-office functional wellness consultations. Dr. Lupo chooses to only practice pastoral medicine, in which he holds a doctorate in pastoral science and medicine, when dealing with issues of nutrition, blood work, and counseling.

He chooses to practice pastoral medicine for two main reasons:

  • He believes the power that made the body can heal the body. A spiritual component should not be ignored in health care. Many studies have shown that people respond better to treatment when they have a spiritual or positive outlook.
  • To protect his patients' privacy from the ever-encroaching takeover of health care by the government. By making his practice spiritual-based, it now falls under the protection of religious privacy and the Pastoral Medical Association.

Dr. Lupo does not offer his pastoral medicine services to the public; only to private members. He cannot take you as a patient unless you become a member of the “Member Share Network.” It is free to join, and as a nice bonus it allows Dr. Lupo to protect your privacy and patient records from the government and Obamacare. Join here for free.

NOTICE: Dr. Lupo, PSc.D. is state licensed by the New Hampshire Chiropractic Board to provide conventional health care services and is also licensed by the Pastoral Medical Association to provide natural health services and therapies to registered members of the Member Share Network. Conventional and pastoral services are completely separate services and each is provided in strict compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the separate licensing agencies. If you wish to receive natural health services you must first register. Member registration is free and may be completed online here. Note that if you have a complaint regarding our services you must direct complaints to the appropriate licensing board. Complaints regarding natural health services must be directed to the Pastoral Medical Association.

Before receiving a consultation, please review these principles outlined below:

1.    Dr. Lupo’s goal is to provide you with adjunctive and supportive care for your health condition. We do not claim to treat or cure any disease or medical diagnosis.

2.    Dr. Lupo offers services that are not covered by insurance. These services are considered by insurance companies to be "experimental" and will not be billed to your insurance or Medicare. Nutritional support may be offered for your case. Nutritional supplements are not FDA regulated and have not been proven to cure or treat any disease or illness.

3.    Our services are not a replacement for your conventional medical treatment. We choose to work alongside your medical provider as this serves you in the most effective manner possible.

4.   Dr. Lupo will never give advice on the use of your medications. Medications must be managed by your medical doctor. You must work with a medical doctor for the management of any medications you take now or in the future.

5.    I completely understand that there are no guarantees of help, correction, relief, or cure, written, spoken, or implied. I understand that Dr. Lupo does NOT treat any disease or any medical diagnosis.

6.    I am making a sane and conscious decision to seek advice as per the above understood terms for either myself and/or my dependents. In doing so, I agree to the above terms and acknowledge this by clicking "I Agree" below.

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