Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Men

Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo, D.C.

hypothyroidism symptoms in menHypothyroidism symptoms in men are widely undiagnosed

Hypothyroidism symptoms in men are rare but can be very impactful on the quality of affected men's lives.

Men get thyroid issues much less often than women but they are common enough that I am still seeing increasing amounts of patients with them. 

  • Historically hypothyroidism symptoms are widely undiagnosed in men

Most physicians associate thyroid issues with women, because women have a lot higher risk of developing thyroid problems. This is because of the hormonal differences between men and women.

Therefore, hypothyroidism is rarely suspected when men complain about their symptoms.

Thyroid issues are usually only discovered in men when they get their yearly physical. Fortunately, Thyroid-Stimulating Hormone (TSH) is run on almost all routine blood work panels. 

List Of Warning Signs For Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Men

hypothyroidism symptoms in menIs exercise and dieting no longer working to trim weight?
  • Have you gained love handles or a spare tire that you can't seem to lose?
  • Is exercise and dieting no longer working to trim weight?
  • Are your toes and fingers freezing most of the time?
  • Are you growing male breasts or developing womanlike hips (aka gynecomastia?)
  • Are you more exhausted than you have ever been in your life?
  • Are you chronically fatigued even after a long sleep?
  • Do you have brain fog or a bad memory lately?
  • Do you feel more emotional lately?
  • Did your symptoms appear after a head injury?
  • Do you work near chemicals or radiation?
  • Do you have brittle fingernails that break easy?

What I have seen in practice is that symptoms of hypothyroidism in women generally stem from high stress, food sensitivities, drug reactions, and pregnancy, while men generally develop theirs from environmental poisons, radiation, and head injuries. 

Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Senior Men

hypothyroidism symptoms in menAre you growing male breasts or developing womanlike hips?

Hypothyroidism symptoms in men are more prominent than ever in the aging populace. 

Thyroid glands are very sensitive to environmental toxins and get damaged from a cumulative effect. 

Generally speaking, many men still have jobs that put them around chemical exposure. Chemical exposures and environmental toxins can cause problems in the thyroid.

Since women are more commonly associated with thyroid disease issues, many men are suffering with thyroid problems that are undiagnosed.

  • Men who have worked in shipyards, factories, and the military are showing up more often at the clinic
  • Men who have worked a lifetime in unsafe work environments are now paying the price in their senior years

Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Middle-Aged Men

hypothyroidism symptoms in menAre you chronically fatigued even after a long sleep?

When middle-aged men appear in my clinic for thyroid issues it is usually from exposure to radiation. Radiation affects how your thyroid uses iodine and ultimately destroys the function of the gland.

A functional medicine doctor who works mainly with war vets told me he is starting to see a rise in soldiers with thyroid problems.

Doctors theorize this is because of soldiers working around depleted uranium shells. The locals who live in environments where the rounds were fired also suffer from terrible side effects, so it is not a big leap to assume handling the shells is also dangerous.

Hypothyroidism Symptoms In Young Men

hypothyroidism symptoms in menDid your symptoms appear after a head injury?

Hypothyroidism in young people comes mainly from head injuries, or they inherit it from a parent with Hashimoto's disease.

Concussions can disrupt how neurotransmitters flow and work in the brain.

Since the neurotransmitters are no longer functioning correctly, this sets up a cascade of problems because the brain can no longer talk to the body properly.

The thyroid is one of the most sensitive glands to brain neurotransmitters. Generally the thyroid is really a secondary victim to a damaged brain.

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