Natural Management Of Gastro-Intestinal Disorders

Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo, D.C.

natural management of gastro-intestinal disordersAlmost all disease starts in the gut. The natural management of gastro-intestinal disorders heals the gut and relieves associated symptoms

Many people take their Gastro-Intestinal (GI) health for granted until something goes wrong, but a healthy GI system is actually critical to overall health. 

  • Almost all disease starts in the gut and then breaks down another system in the body

Although this fact is well know in conventional medicine, it often gets ignored because getting a person to change their lifestyle and diet is hard work.

In a society of quick fixes and over-prescribed medication, getting someone to step back and change what they eat is not popular. It is much easier to throw antacids and laxatives at patients and give them a quick fix than tackle the real underlying problems.

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Gut Disorders Are Preventable & Reversible

gut immune systemThe gut constitutes a great deal of the immune system

Many people forget how important their GI health is. A great deal of the immune system is the gut. When GI health gets out of balance a person starts getting sick more often. Over time this will develop into a chronic illness.

  • Just about every major chronic condition can be traced back to the gut health breaking down first

Many doctors just chase secondary symptoms instead of focusing their attention to restoring gut health. It is amazing how many chronic conditions seem to resolve when gut health is resolved. No extra treatment was needed, just a change in diet. It breaks my heart to see people live in such unnecessary pain most their lives just because nobody told them to change how they eat.

Just about everyone eating a Standard American Diet (SAD) will have some degree of Leaky Gut Syndrome. Even children now start developing chronic conditions like diabetesfood sensitivitiesallergies, and behavioral issues. The SAD is an inflammatory diet that will eventually break down the intestinal lining and wreak havoc all over the body.

In adults you see conditions like heartburn, GERD, bad breath, constipation, diarrhea, Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and SIBO. These all can be managed by changing to an anti-inflammatory plant-based diet. Although these conditions are all different, they all have one thing in common: they started first with the gut being out of balance.

  • The good news is many of these conditions can be reversed if a person is willing to make the lifestyle and dietary changes
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