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oral health care informationKate Parker, RDH, BS-DH, RF

Welcome to Oral Health Care Information, your natural oral health resource on the Web. We focus on whole body dentistry topics supported by the most cutting-edge research in the field of dentistry. Links to a growing range of dental topics are listed below.

As more people become aware of the harmful effects of many products and techniques now used in dentistry, natural alternative medicine has become a hot topic of debate. "Natural cures" have mushroomed lately, but much of what you find on the Internet is backed neither by science nor by clinical experience or expertise.

This page should be a guide that steers you in the right direction and helps you weed out the unsubstantiated claims. I am passionate about delivering the most modern oral health care information and will continue to add more articles on popular dental-related topics.

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My Background In Dentistry

oral health care informationProfessional excellence in dental hygiene

Dental health has been a constant and recurring theme throughout my life. From as far back as I can remember I've had a love of teeth and all things dental. I loved going to the dentist as a kid, but my love of dentistry was really "cemented" in all of my trips to the orthodontist as a teenager.

I had the opportunity to attend two of the best dental schools in the world (The University of Minnesota School of Dentistry & The University of Michigan School of Dentistry), majoring in dental hygiene in addition to pursuing restorative expanded functions (RF) to extend my scope of practice. The course load was very similar to what nursing students go through, leaning heavily on biology, biochemistry, microbiology, anatomy & physiology, pharmacology, biomaterials, pathology, radiology, and associated medical science topics covering 5 years. Thousands of clinic hours and many outreach experiences across multiple states completed the experience.

Keeping tabs on the most ground-breaking research and oral health care information, I eventually stumbled across studies that I couldn't believe were true. The research I was reading about was so far ahead of what I was seeing in practice and learning in school that it piqued my interest. I began to spend much of my free time investigating the real science and technique behind natural dental remedies and current technology. This lead me to become interested in whole body dentistry and in current alternative products that are natural, healthy, and more effective at preventing and treating dental disease.

What Is Whole Body Dentistry?

oral health care informationThe mouth gives a unique view directly into the body

The body is a closed system, all interconnected and interlinked. Often dental professionals are the first to catch people's chronic diseases, as the mouth gives a unique view directly into the body.

Generally speaking, looking into someone's mouth gives us a good idea of a person's entire systemic health and state of disease. This is because it is all connected.

  • What happens in one part of the body affects every cell in the rest of the body. As oral health declines, inflammation in the mouth causes a cascade of inflammatory events throughout the body

Whole body dentistry takes human biology into account, adapting products to the chemistry of the body and opting for alternative answers to the often out-of-date status quo.

This field of dentistry is supported by the most recent peer-reviewed studies and represents the cutting edge of dental science.

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