Pre-Diabetic Symptoms

Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo, D.C.

pre-diabetic symptomsDo you think you might have pre-diabetic symptoms?

Do you think you might have sugar regulation symptoms? It would not be surprising if you do.

New cases of diabetes, hypoglycemia, and insulin resistance are growing at a staggering rate. As society marches on and grows, so does their demand for refined high carbohydrate food.

Food is much cheaper and more available than ever before, but there is a price to this convenience. Staple foods of the average family are carbohydrate-dense.

Breads, cereals, grains, and starchy vegetables are now the majority of what people eat. That shift from a veggies and meat diet to a grain-based diet is causing sugar regulation blood problems throughout the population, even in children.

It is estimated that complications from diabetes will soon become one of the top fatal diseases in the world.

  • The sad part about all of this is type 2 diabetes is completely preventable, and in most cases reversible. The cost of treating this one preventable disease is going to be more than the entire US federal budget in the near future

List Of Pre-Diabetic Symptoms

  • Does a history of diabetes run in your family? 
  • Do you have the same eating habits as your diabetic relatives? 
  • Do you feel the need to urinate constantly?
  • Are you thirsty all the time?
  • Are you gaining weight that won't come off with diets and exercise?
  • Do you have cold feet and hands?
  • Do you have numbness, burning, or peripheral neuropathy in your feet?
  • Is it hard to think quickly, and are you suffering from brain fog?
  • Do you get sleepy, especially after you eat carbohydrates
  • Are you exhausted most of the day?
  • Do you wake up tired and crave naps throughout the day?
  • Do you have extremely strong cravings for sweets and desserts?
  • Are you still hungry even after you eat huge meals?
  • Are you growing skin tags or are moles darkening?

If you have a few of these symptoms you might have a condition called insulin resistance. Click the link to find out much more about this stubborn disease.

Pre-Diabetic Symptoms Can Be Reversed

pre-diabetic symptomsA plant-based anti-inflammation diet is key to moderating and/or reversing symptoms

The developing stages of diabetes, or insulin resistance, can be reversed if caught in time.

  • There are some great drug-free options these days to help you manage this condition effectively. This is done mainly with a plant-based anti-inflammation diet

If you ignore these symptoms long enough they most likely will push you into full-blown diabetes. Don't let this happen; it is much easier to manage these symptoms now, before it turns into a disease that is much more difficult to reverse.

Take control of your life and learn the best ways to deal with insulin resistance here.

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