Thyroid Disorder Symptoms

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thyroid disorder symptomsThyroid disorders wreak havoc on people's well-being

Thyroid disorder symptoms wreak havoc on people's well-being. Many signs of thyroid problems build up slowly; they quietly stew in affected people's bodies and slowly increase in severity through the years.

Eventually it reaches critical mass and they wake up miserable one day and can’t figure out why they feel so awful; they can’t ignore it any longer.

Thyroid problems can be tricky to diagnose because they are usually secondary to a bigger problem. A lot of people are misdiagnosed: their blood work appears normal but they still feel terrible and have thyroid symptoms.

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List Of Thyroid Disorder Symptoms

thyroid disorder symptomsIf you have more than three of these you might want to think about getting your thyroid checked

Here is a list of warning signs that something might be wrong with your thyroid:

  • Does your blood work look normal but you know something is wrong?
  • Do you take medication/s but still feel lousy?
  • Have you had digestive problems for years?
  • Are you tired, moody, depressed?
  • Are the outer edges of your eyebrows falling out or thinning?
  • Is your hair falling out?
  • Do you have painful thyroid nodules or painless thyroid nodules?
  • Have you lost interest in being intimate or having sex?
  • Are you becoming increasingly forgetful or do you have brain fog?
  • Are you gaining weight no matter how much you exercise or diet?
  • Do you wake up exhausted?
  • Do you have issues getting sleep?
  • Do you have cold hands and feet?
  • Do you suffer from anxiety and/or need caffeine to function?

If you have more than three of these you might want to think about getting your thyroid checked out. There are basically two flavors of thyroid disorder symptoms: hypothyroid (too slow) and hyperthyroid (too fast.)

Hypothyroidism Symptoms

Hypothyroidism is a fancy way of saying your thyroid is running too slowly. This condition is the most common thyroid problem, affecting way more people than hyperthyroidism.

The thyroid makes hormones that turn functions on and off in every cell of your body. The butterfly-shaped gland is extremely sensitive to any changes in the body. When the thyroid starts to slow down one of the first things people generally notice is weight gain. Then they notice they are always cold, their hair is falling out, and they suffer from uncontrollable mood swings. Sometimes because of their crabby mood swings they drive everyone away in their social circles and become isolated. Depression, brain fog, and loss of libido follows. 

  • The most important aspect of hypothyroidism is to determine if you have the Hashimoto’s variety. Most of the hypothyroid problems in the West have nothing to do with iodine but are autoimmune disorders where the body attacks its own thyroid

Hyperthyroid Symptoms 

hyperthyroid symptomsTwo famous examples of exophthalmos

When the thyroid is overactive it’s called Graves disease. Graves disease symptoms can appear early in life. Most of these people are thin, nervous, and anxious. They usually have type "A" personalities. They're often addicted to coffee and other stimulants.

Usually the thin person affected will have bulging eyes, also called exophthalmos. A good example are the eyes of Marty Feldman ("Igor" from Young Frankenstein) and Rodney Dangerfield (comedian.) The reason the eyes bulge is because people with Graves disease lose fat from around their eyes which makes the eyes stand out more.

They also can suffer from thinning hair, a racing heartbeat, frequent bowel movements, and always feeling hot and sweating.

Some folks with thyroid disorder symptoms also get goiters, or enlarged thyroid glands. These abnormal growths can be caused by iodine deficiency, Hashimoto's, or Graves disease.

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