Vitamins For Joint Pain

Dr. Tarrin P. Lupo, D.C.

vitamins for joint painWhat are the best vitamins for joint pain?

What are the best vitamins for joint pain? Back in the day I used to focus my entire practice around joint pain.

I have seen many pills, potions, and tonics that promise to be the latest and greatest treatment.

Over the years I went on a search to try to find a product that actually worked. Mostly what I found that actually got the results I wanted were high-powered nutraceuticals that only doctors could get.

As my practice grew and I started having people contact me from all over the world, I realized I needed to find the best products I could that people could get without seeing a doctor.

I always caution you to talk to a doctor before you start taking anything new, but most people are now Internet doctors and treat themselves. They ignore my plea at their own peril; sometimes joint pain is a much more serious problem than arthritis alone. Now that I've got that out of the way, let me give you a list of the ones I like that you can get right on Amazon.

There are 2 common reasons for joint pain. One is osteoarthritis from wear and tear. The other is autoimmune arthritis, where the body attacks its own joints. Management of these conditions will depend on the kind of arthritis you have. Let me break it down more.

Joint Pain Caused By Osteoarthritis

vitamins for joint painThe ligaments, tendons, and supporting structures no longer hold the articulating surfaces of the joint tightly

The main issue with osteoarthritis aka degenerative joint disease (DJD) is that the joint is misaligned  and grinding itself apart. The ultimate cause of the arthritis is a “sloppy joint."

The ligaments, tendons, and supporting structures are no longer holding the articulating surfaces of the joint tightly. The joint moves too much and becomes hyper-mobile. The smooth, slick cartilage-covered surfaces start to grind and get injured. This can happen to any joint of the body and usually starts because of an injury or bad posture.

The most important thing you can do is realign the joint to its proper position so it stops damaging itself. A chiropractor is the best choice as a natural option. Chiropractors can usually realign any joint in your body and help prevent future destruction. Most people don’t think about going to them for leg, knee, elbow, wrist, hand, or jaw pain, but they can be very helpful with these extremity joints.

If the joint is swollen you will want to address the inflammation first: use the protocol in the autoimmune section below before starting anything else. If the joint is not swollen and just painful then go with these products first. 

Vitamins For Joint Pain Caused By Osteoarthritis

vitamins for joint pain

1. I recommend EFAC cream first, as it absorbs directly into the target joint. This product is more for immediate pain relief to a local area. I have tried just about every product out there for pain control and the clear winner is EFAC cream. EFAC stands for Esterified Fatty Acid Complex. The oils are highly absorbable by the body in this form and can sink deep into the joints. This restores fluids that cushion bones to promote mobility and flexibility. These products had some impressive clinical studies at the University of Minnesota showing that 95% of esterified oils in this form are absorbed. That is pretty amazing. They have a 2-part system of vitamins for joint pain to help manage the DJD. I would start with an outside-in approach first. 

2. Second I would use the inside-out approach. The second part of the protocol is to take EFAC oil internally. These vitamins for joint pain cause systemic relief to all joints in the body.

3. Lastly you will want to address the damaged cartilage in the joint. I have tried so many different ones on my patients and always seem to come back to Cosamin DS. It is a chondroitin sulfate/glucosamine complex that helps support the damaged cartilage. I am not crazy about it not being organically sourced and it has synthetic dyes, and I also can’t find out where the ingredients are sourced from. I am not sure if these are vegan or not. I wish I could find a better organic choice, but I have never found one that works as well as this one. I have a hard time arguing with the results. The stuff really works but I can’t fully endorse it and have to caution that its sources are unclear.

Joint Pain Caused By Autoimmune Arthritis

vitamins for joint painThe ultimate problem with autoimmune conditions is massive inflammation

If you have joint pain from an autoimmune issue you will want to start with this protocol and then switch to the osteoarthritis protocol (above) after the inflammation stops. The ultimate problem with these kinds of conditions is massive inflammation.  

You'll want to focus on reducing systemic inflammation as much as you can to stop the ongoing destruction. Focus on finding the hidden food sensitivities that are triggering the autoimmune response. Remove the offending foods from your life.

To calm down the chronic state of inflammation you will want to add some nutrient support that can help break the inflammation cycle. I use very powerful nutraceuticals in my office, but you can’t get these without a doctor ordering them for you.  

If you can’t afford the best vitamins for joint pain, you can take a step down a little in quality and get any of these without having to see a doctor (listed below.) They should still work for most folks, but they are just not as powerful in my experience. Still if you're on a budget, they are a pretty good buy.

Vitamins For Joint Pain Caused By Autoimmune Arthritis

Although I use the strongest therapeutic nutraceuticals, these can only be obtained through a doctor. If your doctor won’t order them for you, then you can at least get these stepped-down versions and save a few bucks to boot.

The curcumin-resveratrol "double punch" to knock out inflammation:

vitamins for joint pain

It has been shown that resveratrol and curcumin taken together amplify the anti-inflammatory power. They should always be taken together when possible. As a side benefit it has also been shown to reduce other complications of autoimmune issues like hair loss, skin rashes, and gum disease.

You will want to start with a curcumin compound derived from the curry spice turmeric. Turmeric (curcumin) is great antioxidant and for systemic inflammation. It can help really help turn down the autoimmune inflammatory response. Just adding turmeric to your meals is not going to cut it.  Research shows it doesn’t get the anti inflammatory effect you want unless you take it at therapeutic amounts.

The other part you will want is resveratrol. This compound is derived from the skin of red grapes or from Japanese knotweed.  When this is taken with curcumin the collective anti-inflammatory power increases. Studies show the two compound subdue TH-17 in the inflammation cycle. This helps break the chronic inflammation cycle that is so stubborn.

More options:

vitamins for joint pain

If you really have bad joint pain you might want to also consider addressing some other compounds that can help turn down the volume of the inflammation cycle. The most efficient way is to support T-regulator cells.

These cells keep the autoimmune response from getting out of control and attacking its own tissues by balancing TH1 and TH2. People who have chronic inflammation have disrupted the function of the TH3 regulator cells and they need help to function properly again.

Glutathione and Vitamin D3 are vitamins for joint pain that support the malfunctioning TH3 regulator cells and can help stop even really chronic swelling by stopping the out-of-control cytokine response.

Glutathione & Vitamin D3:

vitamins for joint pain

Glutathione is a master antioxidant and helps with all kinds of useful reactions in the body, but gets used up quickly by the body when fighting inflammation. This deficiency effects the nitric oxide pathways and causes more inflammation when glutathione runs out.

Perhaps you have been told to take Vitamin D3? This is because D3 is a great for supporting T-regulatory cells.

Most people opt for fish oil but this complicates people with diabetes or sugar regulation issues. Honestly if you have those issues you should stay away from all animal products anyway and eat a plant-based diet.

I recommend you play it safe and not use vitamin D3 sourced from fish. Use this one. Although it is sourced from lanolin I have not found any research showing negative effects like it does for fish oil.

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